The US. Should Worry When Israel Gets Quiet

An Israeli nuclear attack on Iran is actually not going to happen in the near future. Maybe. According to Michael Weiss in the suddenly-indispensable Tablet Magazine, Bibi, despite periodic speculation to the contrary, will wait to see what, if anything, Obama can accomplish in the coming months:

No one doubts that Israel is willing to take unilateral action if U.S.-led talks with Iran--direct or otherwise--fail to stop its march toward nukes. And they agree it's clear that Israel has the capacity to strike what's known as the three nodes of Iran's nuclear infrastructure--the uranium enrichment facility at Natanz, the nuclear research center and uranium conversion facility at Esfahan, and the heavy water plant and future plutonium production reactors at Arak--with either Israeli Air Force bombers or land-based missiles. But it's unlikely, they say, that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will reach that conclusion in the coming weeks or months.