One of many e-mails I've received about Max Blumenthal's video. I don't post these sorts of e-mails in order to excoriate Max Blumenthal for fomenting anti-Semitism, but because anti-Semitism on the Web is a phenomenon that needs to be highlighted and fought. This from a man whose name I'm withholding, because why give him the satisfaction?

A few question for you:

1) Since when you guys consider yourself white?

2) Why should I, a tax paying American citizen, should pay for these scumbags in Jizzrael?

3) Haven't we decided to kick Jizzrael to the curb VIOLENTLY to get rid of this degenerate scum sucking nation once and for all?

4) Did you see that fat Jewish cunt, a political science major, not knowing who the prime minister of Jizzrael is? there goes the myth for importance of education among Jizzraelites no? the stupidity of Jizzraelites are mind boggling.

5) Tell me seriously, why we shouldn't implement royalty oaths for anyone with a remote affinity to Jizzrael?

6) Shouldn't we unceremoniously deport anyone with Jizzrael's passport?

The moment of truth is upon us Goldberg.

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