Are Anti-Semitic Attacks on the Rise?

The Holocaust Museum shooting last week led many people, including me, to think that we're seeing an uptick in the tempo of violent anti-Jewish attacks in America. We're certainly not in a situation analogous to that of Venezuela or France, and I would caution against overheating -- after all, no country in the history of the world has been as accepting of Jews as America has -- but the combination of white, right-wing fury, and Islamist rage is a nasty one. Here's a partial list of the anti-Semitic events of the past ten years. Judge for yourself whether this means anything:

August 10, 1999: Buford Furrow Jr., a 46-year-old white supremacist on parole for assault with a deadly weapon, opened fire with a semiautomatic in the North Valley Jewish community center in California. Two six-year-old boys, a 16-year-old girl, and the receptionist were injured and a five-year-old boy was severely wounded.

April 28, 2000: Richard Baumhammers killed his Jewish neighbor, Anita Gordon, in a suburban area of Pittsburgh beginning a killing spree fueled by anti-Semitic beliefs.  Five individuals were killed and one victim was left paralyzed.

September 30, 2000: A rabbi and his wife were attacked in Brooklyn, New York while one of the attackers yelled, "this is for the Palestinians".

May 5, 2002: The Beth Jacob Congregation synagogue in Oakland, California sustains thousands of dollars in damage after an arson sets fire to the building in at least three places.

November 18, 2003: The Candles Museum in Terre Haute, Indiana, was destroyed by a vicious arson.  The museum is run by Holocaust survivors and is dedicated to memorializing the Holocaust and remembering the children used for brutal medical experimentation.

October 15, 2005: Cameron Mathews and Josh Feinerman were attacked outside a pizza parlor in San Francisco.  Andrew Crawford brutally attacked after the boys responded to his anti-Semitic comments. He was arrested while kicking an already unconscious Feinerman.

July 28, 2006: Naveed Aflaz Haq opened fire at the Jewish Federation in Seattle, Washington.  Five were wounded and the assistant director, Pamela Waechter, was killed.  Haq was a 30-year-old man of Pakistani decent who claimed he was "angry at Israel".

December 7, 2007: Four Jewish students riding the New York trains were violently attacked by a group of men and women upon hearing their Happy Hanukkah wishes to one another.  Hassan Askari, a Muslim, came to their aid.

February 1, 2007:  Noble Peace Laureate Elie Wiesel was stalked and attacked at a conference San Francisco by Eric Hunt, 22.  Hunt boasted of the attacks on web forums dedicated to Holocaust denial.

April 30, 2007: Scotts Valley High School in San Francisco was closed for the day after the discovery of a non explosive device appearing to be a pipe bomb along with anti-Semitic graffiti.

December 29, 2008: Temple Sholom, one of the oldest synagogues in Chicago, was attacked with a Molotov cocktail.

April 12, 2008: Two men in North Hollywood attacked an Orthodox Jewish man wearing a kippah.  They beat the 59-year-old man while calling him "dirty Jew".

March 17, 2008: The home of Yossi Knafo, the Jewish Agency for Israel's representative in Providence, Rhode Island, was attacked with two Molotov cocktails.  No one was injured, but the house sustained damage.

April 6, 2009: Richard Poplawski, 23, killed three police officers in his Pittsburgh home when they responded to a call from his mother.  He is strongly linked to white supremacist websites.

May 6, 2009: Wesleyan University student Johanna Justin-Jinich, 21, was killed while working at a bookstore near campus. Stephen Morgan, 29, wrote violent anti-Semitic views and "I have to kill Jen" in his journals before shooting Justin-Jinich at close range, disguised in a wig. He was arrested two days later.

July 10, 2009: James Von Brunn, an 88 year old white supremacist and author of the radical anti-Semitic online book entitled "Kill the Best Gentiles!", opened fire at the Holocaust Museum of Washington, DC. Security Guard Stephen Tyrone Johns, 39, is killed.