A Fascinating E-Mail About Holocaust Denial

The Anti-Defamation League found this in its archives:

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Sent: Tuesday, August 17, 2004 4:08 AM
Subject: From a Friend in Germany

 Time to FLUSH all "Holocaust" Memorials.



This morning I visited Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp near  Berlin.  Its about my 12th visit.  Why do I keep returning there?   Because I learn something new every time.   The first thing I noticed this visit was that the whole camp is a building site, with workmen swarming all over the camp area.  The country's economy is going South at full speed but they still seem to have millions to invest in renovating the concentration camps. 

The next obvious thing I noticed was, the new design plays down the very significant role of the suffering endured after the war  by the thousands of Germans who were imprisoned and murdered by the Soviet occupiers, (who are now known as 'Liberators' because they liberated millions of Germans from most of which they owned or loved ).  The German victims are mentioned on signs and documents but in such a way that the uninitiated are led to believe that these people too were victims of Nazi terror and not Soviet victims after the war had ended.

Because of the 'renovation work' being done much of the camp was cordoned off today,  but other parts I had previously not been able to get close to,  were open. The last time I was in the camp I asked the Museum curator where exactly the camp brothel was situated, at first she pretended that there never was such a building in the camp,  but I pressured her into admitting it was 'approx' around the Hospital barracks 'somewhere'.   

Today I could get up close to the Hospital barracks, so I started looking into all the windows hoping to discover something new...one hinderance is,  many of the windows are actually glazed with milchglas, (milk glass)

  However a museum staff member noticed my staring through all the windows, and asked me what I was looking for ?    I told her I was looking for the Brothel,  she looked at me in surprise and said 'I don't know where the Brothel was, but it might have been in the Underground rooms below us'   THIS was news for me, the  Area below the two Hospital Barracks had underground rooms?

If you look at this area on the photo below there is no clue that anything like underground rooms exist between the two rows of hospital barracks.

There are no air vents or similar to give clues, and nothing about underground facilities is mentioned in the camp tour broschures.   

I started to quiz this lady as to what else was in these underground rooms, she shrugged her shoulders and said  ' Mitunter, eine Kegelbahn' (Amongst other things they had a bowling alley) I questioned her whether I had heard her correctly, she said  "Ja, aber ich muss weiter"  "Yes but I have to go now" ,  and she went  inside the barracks.    Hey!  A BOWLING ALLEY ??.... I had learnt something new.

Is there anyone receiving this letter that can verify what this woman told me?

Conversation Two:

While I was walking on from this last conversation I was approached by a middle aged couple who spoke no German,  and English only with a strong accent I didn't recognise.   

 He approached me and started asking me questions about where were the 'gas chambers' ?     I told him there were no gas chambers in Sachsenhausen, he became agitated and he actually frothed at the mouth, his voice went up an octave, saying I should not lie , his Grandparents had been in Auschwitz and they had told him that gassings occurred in all camps  (I then realised I had just met Mr and Mrs Victimnumber from Israel)

Mr and Mrs Victimnumber told me they had just come from Dachau and he had seen the 'gas-chambers there, where the sign says in 5 languages ........QUOTE: 'never used as a Gas chamber'

But, he told me seriously 'THEY ALL LIE' he had been in the Dachau gas chambers and SEEN the shower nozzles in the roof (shower heads are there, the whole place was dandied up by US forces after the war). 

   There is a law in Germany forbidding people telling the facts,  so I chose to shut-up and ask him to tell me what HE thought it was all about.  According to him, this is how the Nazis did it,  .....

'The Nazis had a gas....it was a solid gas'  Solid Gas???? I asked.     'Yes it was like a soapy substance and dey trowd it true roof holes down true the shower heads and the peoples are dying witin a few seconds.

OH I said, is that right ?     Yes!  he asked me angrily,   " VY do you tink dey had shower heads in these rooms ?"        "Ah! To take showers with", I answered.

VY VOOD ZEY VANT to shower ?  he foamed at me....

I looked at him and said   "Don't they have showers in Israel?"

End of conversation two. 

I almost expected to get back to the Camp Entrance and find the 'thought-police' waiting for me.  Nope it was OK.

What I did notice however was the large library of Holocaust-anti-German-hatenazi- Literature on sale in the Entrance Hall. One could get the feeling that every survivor has written at least three books.


The propaganda is enormous, on the photo only one half of the books being offered can be seen.  


are NOT keeping up with this flood.