Kevin Youkilis and the Dual-Loyalty Problem

This just in from Goldblog reader John Youkilis:

I have to thank you for mentioning my first cousin once-removed, Kevin Youkilis, in your recent post. Kevin has miraculously converted me into an erstwhile Red Sox fan, a radical departure in light of the abuse I endured as a Reds' fan in October 1975 while a freshman at Brown. I still shrivel at the mention of Carlton Fisk.  I do have an anecdote you might appreciate. In August 2001, my wife, a New Yorker, and our three sons saw Kevin play for the Lowell Spinners against the Brooklyn Cyclones in their fantastic new ballpark near Nathan's. We sat behind two young men wearing kipot who rooted mightily for the Cyclones. I have always respected Kevin's privacy in this celebrity-crazed world but I succumbed to instinct and told them he was Jewish. They switched allegiances instantly.  Unfortunately, my fellow Jews who are Yankee fans have not behaved accordingly.