Ben-Gurion on the Threat from Amalek

Worrying about Amalek isn't a recent phenomenon. From the April 16, 1956 New York Times:

Grim as an Old-Testament prophet, Mr. Ben-Gurion welcomed the ninth year of the Israeli republic by reminding the people that the war against the Arabs had never really ended. He charged that Egypt, Jordan and Syria had been conducting a guerrilla war since the defeat of their "criminal attempt to invade Israel."

"It may be," he said, "that in the ninth year of our renewed independence we shall have to face a supreme test, graver and more difficult than that which we faced successfully eight years ago.

"Now our enemies are concerting their designs against us, saying, 'Let us go and cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.' There was no helplessness or fear in our hearts when we faced our enemies, nor will there be if we shall have to face them again.

"We shall not be terrified by the ambushes of a galaxy of murderers sent here by the Egyptian dictator nor will the hosts of Amalek from north, east and south, who are now concentrating on the other side of our border, be able to subdue us."