"Netanyahu Doesn't Seek Iran's Destruction"

A (smart) Goldblog reader writes:

"Sorry, Fareed, but I don't see the messianic equivalence here. Let's say Netanyahu does attack Iran, something I doubt, but let's say he does: Is he attacking Iran in order to kill all Iranians, or to wipe out Iranian culture, or to end Iran's existence and replace it with an Arab country, or a Jewish country for that matter? No. He would be attacking a handful of Iranian nuclear sites, and he would be trying, for reasons of self-interest that are quite obvious, to minimize the damage to civilians. Netanyahu doesn't seek Iran's destruction. Iran, however, has made it clear that it doesn't believe there is room on the planet surface for one small Jewish country, even in its ancestral homeland. Its leaders over and over again refer to the Jewish state as a cancer and a tumor, and they pray for its elimination. So where is the equivalence?"