Is This How the Israeli Media Works?

Department of Insane Phone Calls:

A half-hour ago, my phone rang; it was a reporter from Israel Channel 10 News.
"There's a big controversy about your Netanyahu interview," the reporter says.
"What is it?" I ask.
"Netanyahu's people are denying that he threatened President Obama. Do you have proof that he threatened him?"
"What are you talking about?"
"You wrote that Netanyahu threatened Obama and told him that if he didn't attack Iran, Israel would. Do you have a recording of this?"
"Of what?" I asked.
"Of Netanyahu saying this to Obama."
"This is completely crazy. What are you talking about?"
"People here think you said that Netanyahu threatened Obama."
"People? What people?"
"What I wrote is that Netanyahu told me he believes Iran is going to be Obama's principal foreign challenge, and that he needs Obama to work to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. And Netanyahu's people said that Israel might have to deal with Iran itself if America and the West don't stop Iran."
"That's what you wrote?"
"Yes. Did you read the story?"
"Only quickly. Where is it?"

I hope Israeli intelligence is applying more stringent standards of fact-checking to this general subject.