Further Proof that Washington Is Hostile to Jewish Life

No, not the Jane Harman mess (sorry I'm not blogging on it more, but I'm busy with other journalism, and anyway the whole ridiculous AIPAC case makes me ill, because it shouldn't even be a case).

This is why Washington is so un-Jewish. I meet David Ben-Gregory this morning for breakfast at Morty's, a deli in my neighborhood, and I overhear a woman in the booth behind me ask her companion, "What kind of bread is challah?" except that she pronounces the "ch" like she's saying "chapstick" (or "cholent," not to introduce another foreign concept here). I don't think she was Jewish, but it doesn't matter -- in New York, everyone knows how to pronounce challah. I'm sure by now that that 16-year-old Somali pirate in a New York jail cell knows how to pronounce challah.

Sometimes I feel like a stranger in a strange land. I want to move back to my true homeland, which is to say, 92nd St. and West End Avenue.