Paging Roger Cohen.

This is a translation of an excerpt of Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah's recent speech from Qifa Nabki's blog:

Today, and tomorrow, and after one year, and one hundred years, and one thousand years, until the Hour of Judgment, we and our children and our grandchildren and our people... as long as we are Hizbullah, we will not recognize Israel. What is Israel? Israel is a plundering entity, an illegal and illegitimate state, a racist, belligerent, terrorist state. By what standard can a human being, Muslim or Arab, recognize an entity of this kind, and come and say, simply: "Yes, this is Israel," while three quarters of it or more has been given to foreigners brought from all corners of the world, and while the people who are in the right, who are the legitimate ones, the people of the land and the holy places, the Palestinians - Muslims and Christians - have to let go, and leave, and surrender, and submit! Show me that standard! What is the religious standard? What is the moral standard? What is the humanitarian standard? What is the nationalist standard? What standard is it?!

I get the sense that this guy doesn't like Israel. But maybe I'm just filtering Nasrallah's words through the prism of my Jewish paranoia. And speaking of Roger Cohen, James Taranto had this to say (third item) after reading what he called Cohen's "jaw-dropping" dialogue with Rabbi David Wolpe: "If we wish really, really hard, maybe peace will break out. Then again, maybe not. But remember, Roger Cohen wants you to think positive!"

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