Not even the Israeli blockade of Hamas can stop Chinese goods from getting to Gaza:

"There are about 35 Gazan companies with offices in China," according to an MN International Al-Dahshan representative in Guangzhou, who spoke to IRIN on the phone on condition of anonymity. Goods from Guangzhou take a circuitous route before reaching Gaza, according to the representative: Shipped first to Port Said, a duty-free port in northeastern Egypt, they are then taken to the Egyptian side of Rafah, via Al-Arish, before being smuggled into Gaza by tunnel.

"Each small box costs US$30 to enter Gaza via tunnel and there are about 4,000 boxes per container," said the representative. He reckoned about 400 Chinese companies exported goods to Gaza, including IT products, furniture and clothing. The tunnels remain a vital lifeline for Gazans, supplying the market with goods restricted from entering Gaza through the Israeli-controlled crossings, said the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

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