Welcome to my in-box:

Hey Goldberg,

Shouldn't all American Jews sign loyalty oaths? (the kind Mr Lieberman is advocating in Israel). After all just like Israel, that is a Jewish state, America is a Christian state. A lot of American Jews, as well documented, including you, have more loyalties to the state of Israel than this country.

The way I see it, we've got two non violent options:

1- To deport American Jews;
2- To get them sign loyalty oaths (legally binding i.e. to be used in the court of law if they show suspicious behavior that may require legal actions) and keep a real close tab on them i.e. wire tapping, logging their internet activeness, investment strategies, and recording all their conversations, etc.

I'm ccing Andrew to see if he might want to add to this list of options above.

Keeping America and American values should be our core focus.

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