An Invitation for Roger Cohen

David Wolpe, the rabbi of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles, wrote the other day to suggest that if Roger Cohen really wants to understand the Iranian-Jewish experience, he should come and talk to some of Sinai Temple's congegants. Half the synagogue's members are Iranian-American, and many of them are refugees from the 1979 Iranian revolution (There were 100,000 Jews in Iran before the revolution; 25,000 now).

Rabbi Wolpe said he would be happy to host Cohen at the synagogue, and that his members would be eager to talk to him about their experiences in Iran. So, Roger, over to you. You can contact Rabbi Wolpe through the Sinai Temple website, or through me. I've been to Sinai Temple before; it's filled with very nice and sincere people. I hope you take Rabbi Wolpe up on the offer.