I have to hand it to the anti-circus people; they have a way with words. Here is a letter from one Jan Karpel:

Mr. Goldberg,

As a Jewish woman, I'm astounded at your lack of intelligence, let alone insight.  You expected your children to see the elephants abused at Feld's Ringling Brothers show?  How stupid can you be?  I'd advise you instead to have them gather round and watch many of the videos showing elephants routinely beaten with bullhooks.

So, what would you say of a Jew who routinely chains elephants 22 hours a day. Elephants who walk 50 to 60 miles a day in their natural habitat!   Magnificent, intelligent beings who care for their young tenderly, mourn their dead, and have social matriarchies just as Jews do?...Next time, Mr. Goldberg, don't be a lazy Jew who spouts opinions rather than facts.  Do some homework.  I hope you are a better father than a writer.

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