To criticize Avigdor Lieberman from the right. And to defend him, as well:

I'm no fan of his (for instance, I think he wants to give away my home.  I don't take that personally, but neither does he score any points on a subject rather dear to me).  And his accent is worse than mine.  But when I listen to him on radio, he sounds intelligent, says what few could really disagree with, and has identified the elephant in the living room (the Israeli Arab dilemma).  I do not think he would disagree with your formulation which correlates Israeli Arab rights and responsibilities. I don't know if he applies the same requirements to Israel's haredi community,  but I'll wager he'd like to.  Coalition politics will certainly prevent this from being an issue in the near future.  But if you are among those who wish to see a greater separation between church and state in Israel, Leiberman should be your champion.

I don't agree that he has turned himself into a racist as much as the media has painted him so.  Sure, he rants and rails against Arab members of Knesset, but that's the Knesset.  Would a racist have a Druze on his list?  And why all this attention for the "racist Russian" now, when Netanyahu is about to form a government, when nary a word was heard when he was a senior minister in the Kadima government?

In any case, at least you did not give any space to the eternally on-going investigations against him.  Not that I have illusions that he is clean, but he can't be worse than what has already walked through the Knesset doors.  At least he seems intelligent, and is not afraid to actually express a point of view.  And he might be a better foreign minister that you or I suspect.  He might be as good as, let's say, Hillary Clinton?

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