From a prominent New York theater type who just read my exchange with Ari Roth:

Ari Roth's comical incoherence on Caryl Churchill and her odious playlet is not only a classic case of "Bad for the Jews," it's also bad for the American theater.  This is a guy who admits the play is pernicious, and freely acknowledges Churchill's bad faith in writing it, but turns his stage over to her anyway, because she once upon a time wrote some good plays and can still turn a decent phrase.  Those of us who devote our lives to the notion that the American theater needn't be just a Vaudeville act consigned forever to the margins of the national debate can only hang our heads when the leader of a hitherto well-regarded institution punts so totally.  Here's an idea: let's turn your conversation with him into a performance piece. You'll launch a new career as a playwright, and Roth, this Tony Kushner-manqué, will get what he really wants: eight shows a week sitting center stage, in the spotlight.  We'll call it, "I am Not Shylock," and we'll stage it in Caryl Churchill's living room, where all her other American theater Jews will give it a perpetual standing ovation.

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