"Drunk Enough To Say I Love You?"

One of Caryl Churchill's recent efforts, about which The New York Times had this to say:

Imagine that someone hands you a pamphlet attacking the United States with full-blown rage and loathing. Your first inclination is to toss it. It's the usual screed, spewing standard-issue accusations about American megalomania, imperialism and destructiveness.

But there's something about the typeface, the quality of the paper and the very arrangement of the words that hypnotizes you. You find yourself grinning, not at what it says -- whether you agree with it or not, the content is old news -- but at the way it says it. That's how I felt watching "Drunk Enough to Say I Love You?," the brief and bilious new play by Caryl Churchill that opened Sunday night in a superlative production at the Public Theater. On paper this 45-minute allegory about the seduction of Britain by the United States -- presented as gay men locked in a seriously sick love affair -- reads as a minor work from a major playwright, little more than a political poison-pen letter.

It does seem to be true that hating America and hating Israel go hand-in-hand. And I don't think those who hate America hate it because it supports Israel; they hate it for deeper reasons than that.