"Caryl Churchill Advances Demonization of Jews"

From Goldblog reader Raeefa Shams:

I just returned from watching "Seven Jewish Children" at Theater J. It was a propaganda piece, pure and simple. Palestinian talking points (Israelis rejoice at dead Palestinians, Israelis steal water, the Jews have no claim to the land, every Israeli child lives in a "Palestinian" home) were presented as fact. There are "good" Jews - the characters at the beginning hiding during the Holocaust or some other persecution (it isn't specified) and the characters who say the Palestinian talking points ("Tell her we would never have come if we knew [what we did to the Arabs]", "Don't tell her it's water for their fields"....) And then there are the "bad" Jews - those who feel that Israel is their rightful home, those who celebrate victory after the Six Day War. There is no nuance whatsoever. Either you are deeply ashamed at having to raise a child in such an awful country as Israel, or you rejoice when Palestinian children are killed. Your interview with Ari Roth was very good and very telling. Unfortunately, despite his copious talents, or perhaps because of them, Mr. Roth seems like the sort of person whose adulation of artists and their technique supersedes his understanding of our current reality. In other words, in a time when Israel is demonized around the world and has few friends, it was a JEWISH theater that performed a play demonizing it further, all for the sake of artistic expression and dialogue.