The Very Spiritual David Gregory Has a New Blog

My Torah study partner David Gregory has a new blog, in which he gets very spiritual, though not as spiritual as he can get in person, which is very, very spiritual. He's actually helped me quite a bit, in part by giving me language to help me relate to the deepest currents of Jewish spirituality. Also, he puts me on his show once in a while, which is helpful. But not deeply. The challenge in Washington -- the challenge anywhere, really -- is to remember, in the rush of each frenetic day, what actually counts, what actually makes a person a mensch. David is very good at remembering, and reminding me to remember. Here he is on the importance of knowing what it means to be alive:

When we chose life - a meaningful, purpose-filled life,  we unlock our potential to help others and to help ourselves slow down enough to say "Aha!" this is what it means to be alive. I have that feeling when I put my kids to bed and they ask me to say the Shema (a core prayer in Judaism). That moment draws us closer and they find comfort in the words just as they drift off to sleep. As a father, at that moment my heart is totally open to them. In the presence of their innocence, I have made space for the spiritual.