The Israeli Elections

Well, it's not the best choice in Israeli history, is it? I don't have all that much to add right now, in part because I'm 7,416 miles away from Tel Aviv, in a very different sort of desert, with only limited access to the interwebs. I think it's clear that Lieberman is simply the German word for Le Pen, and that Livni is Hebrew for "ineffectual." I'm still assuming that Netanyahu squeaks this one out, and, God willing, forms a coalition with Kadima and Labor, and not our cut-rate Putin (although it would be uncharitable for me not to note that Lieberman doesn't have the messianic attachment to the West Bank that some of his fellow settlers in Nokdim have, which has to count for something.). As for Netanyahu, I've never felt the hostility to him that my fellows travelers on the Zionist left feel for him, in part because I remind myself constantly that it's the hard-ass right-wingers who will deliver peace. Barak couldn't do it, though he obviously is capable of delivering war.