The (Avigdor) Lieberman Phenomenon

According to JPost's set of recent polls, Lieberman's Yisrael Beiteinu party is set to take as many as 20 seats in the Knesset: Says Imshin:

Did I say wasn't going to vote for him? Faced with the escalation of the horror warnings in recent days, as Lieberman gains in the polls, I'm finding it harder and harder to resist. And why is he gaining in the polls? Not because he offers simple solutions for simpletons, no, that's actually what left-wing Meretz is doing, but because he is the only voice saying what a lot of people are thinking. Trying to forcibly stifle this voice is not being received very well by the general public, apparently! It's having the opposite effect, showing exactly how we feel about our esteemed media.