"You Have a Nice Body, Miss"

From reader Natalia Yegorova:

I read with interest your missive on TSA full-body scans, and wanted to share an experience I had flying from Vancouver, British Columbia, to Portland, Oregon a month or so ago.  After going through the security check, the Canadian version of the TSA decided to subject me to a pat down.  A female officer of East Indian descent was doing a pat down, and as she was feeling me up, she commented, "You have a nice body, miss."  I did not know whether I should be appalled by the un-PC nature of her comment, discount it as a lack of cultural training, or be flattered.  Anyway, my point is that a pat down may not be as invasive as TSA seeing you naked, but there is definitely a human factor associated with it which can make it for even a less comfortable and more intimate experience that leaves you feeling pretty unsettled.