Settler Rabbi to Soldiers: Fight Like Samson

Writings by Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, a leading light of the settlement movement, were distributed to soldiers fighting in Gaza. In one such pamphlet, he wrote:

The following questions are posed in one publication: "Is it possible to compare today's Palestinians to the Philistines of the past? And if so, is it possible to apply lessons today from the military tactics of Samson and David?" Rabbi Aviner is again quoted as saying: "A comparison is possible because the Philistines of the past were not natives and had invaded from a foreign land ... They invaded the Land of Israel, a land that did not belong to them and claimed political ownership over our country ... Today the problem is the same."

One small objection: Samson's campaign didn't end very well for Samson. One larger objection: Why are settler rabbis instructing the IDF? The settlers, as I've noted before, are the avant-garde of binationalism, which is to say, the destruction of Israel, so why are they being allowed to influence the way soldiers think?