A Jewish Prayer for the Children of Gaza

This is a typical Bradley Burston effort, beautifully-written and deeply moral. He'll get some criticism from the right for this, but he should take it is a compliment. He's a Jew in full.  Here's the link, and here's an excerpt:

Lord who is the creator of all children, hear our prayer this accursed day. God whom we call Blessed, turn your face to these, the children of Gaza, that they may know your blessings, and your shelter, that they may know light and warmth, where there is now only blackness and smoke, and a cold which cuts and clenches the skin.

Almighty who makes exceptions, which we call miracles, make an exception of the children of Gaza. Shield them from us and from their own. Spare them. Heal them. Let them stand in safety. Deliver them from hunger and horror and fury and grief. Deliver them from us, and from their own.