When Orrin Hatch and I Wrote Beautiful Jewish Love Music

Well, almost. Nine years ago, for an article about Hatch's songwriting career, we spoke about his love for the Jews, and I suggested that he write a Hannukah song, because there are so few good Hannukah songs, and we started working on something. Here's my recollection of the moment:

I had prepared, at Hatch's request, an outline of themes for his Hanukkah song. I would have suggested the title ''Light My Fire,'' but Orrin Hatch plays things straight, so I thought better of it. He read the outline carefully and said, ''I think we can really do something here.''

But then his presidential campaign interrupted, and we never got back on track. So, Sen. Hatch: Call me! I'm ready to get back to work. The need is as strong as ever.