More Advice on How To Stay Alive in a Terrorized Hotel

Loyal reader SJE sends in these follow-up tips to my earlier list:

1. Consider which side of the building is more vulnerable to rocket or
bomb attack.  In general, it is better to stay on a room at the back
side of the hotel, away from the main street.   Relatedly, consider the
location of the hotel in the city.  If it's next to the US or Israeli
embassy that could be a good thing (greater security measures) or a bad
thing (greater risk of attack).

2. Get a mental picture of the surroundings of the hotel.  Where would
trouble come from (not just terrorists, but muggers etc).  Where would
you escape: you need to get away from the hotel.  Then, where do you go

3. Regarding jumping out a window: onto what?  Grass and bushes, concrete?.

4.  Be nice to the hotel employees: you might find that they have some
inkling of problems, and have good advice (but don't necessarily take

5.  Could an attacker hide in your room, and where?