A Pro-"Happy Holidays" Manifesto

Reader David Grossman (not that David Grossman) writes to say that I'm not thinking about the children:

I completely sympathize with the mother who asked her school to pull "Rudolph". You seem quick to blame it on the parents, but what about the kid? I remember growing up absolutely hating the wide reach of Christmas in our society, feeling left out and forgotten. While it's true that "Rudolph" was writing by a Jewish writer, I highly doubt that anyone involved in the whole kerfuffle is remotely aware of that. I'm not saying we have to force people to eat Chinese food and go to the movies (I've got my options trimmed down to The Wrestler and Gran Torino, by the way), but when we're all in the public sphere, let's not exclude anybody. "Happy Holidays" is a harmless way to include Christians, Jews, Muslims and -- gasp -- atheists.

By the way, for all you non-MOTs out there who might be wondering, all Jewish people eat Chinese food and go to the movies on Christmas eve, or Christmas day, or both. Every single one of us. Those of you with genocidal intent, by the way, should take this into consideration when making your plans.