A Defense of George Tenet

From Dwight A. Howes, who thinks Patrick Tyler is full of bushwa:

I have known George Tenet since 1984 when I joined the late Senator Heinz' staff and took over responsibility for what was then the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, on which Heinz served, from George so that he could focus more fully on his other areas of responsibility -- defense, foreign affairs, and intelligence.  I also worked with George at the Senate Intelligence Committee when he was staff director and I was associate counsel and staff designee to then-Senator Cohen.  George is a good friend and I have been with him at many social occasions.  I've never seen him drink Scotch or any other hard liquor - usually he nurses a Heineken throughout the evening.  In the 24 years I have known George, I've had occasion to be with him in some pretty unguarded moments, but I have never, ever heard him make an anti-Semitic remark.  There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that Patrick Tyler's allegations are a complete fabrication.