Be-More-Lame-Than-The-TSA Contest Finalist

Here's a good contest entry from Jack Nutting, who tries to out-lame TSA chief Kip Hawley. You'll recall that Hawley stated, in response to my article on airport security idiocy, that "most bombers are not, in fact, clever. Living bomb-makers are usually clever, but the person agreeing to carry it may not be super smart. Even if 'all' we do is stop dumb terrorists, we are reducing risk."

U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary E. Peters announced today the DOT's new policy for dealing with widespread defiance of speed limits on interstate highways.  According to a new directive dubbed Let the Fast Ones Go (LEFOGO), local police and state troopers are being asked to focus on the slowest offenders, and simply let the fastest speeders get away.  "In these times of rising gas prices and sinking police budgets, we as a nation cannot afford to waste fuel in high-speed pursuits," said Secretary Peters.  "Not only is it a more efficient use of fuel to go after the slower speeders, it's also a better use of officers' time.  Under LEFOGO we can therefore catch a greater number of speeders, making the roads safer for everyone."  The directive encourages police to ignore any vehicles exceeding the speed limit by more than 20 miles per hour.