If the New York Post account is accurate, and I'm trying to dig into it a bit, then Jesse Jackson has just disinvited himself from my Hannukah party, as well as, oh, the White House for the next four years. According to Amir Taheri, Jackson said, in France (!),  that though he believes that  "Zionists who have controlled American policy for decades" will remain strong, they'll lose clout in an Obama administration. "Obama is about change," Jackson reportedly said. Note the Ahmadinejad-style deployment of the word "Zionists," by the way.  

Jackson once called Zionism a "poisonous weed" choking Judaism. He obviously hopes to play the role of poisonous weed in the Obama campaign, in which he has no role. For those readers who believe that this outburst suggests something true about the Obama campaign, please read this.

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