Over the weekend we were out at the Big Lots in Martinsburg, West Virginia, buying decorations for our sukkah (Christmas tree decorations which we convert to Judaism at the check-out counter, actually) and I noticed in the parking lot not one but two Ford F-150 pick-up trucks with Obama bumper stickers. Ford F-150s! West Virginia! Ford F-150s have always been, for me, a leading indicator of Republicanism. They're the opposite of Subarus, in other words. In fact, when my Washington friends tell me they don't know a single person planning to vote for McCain, I ask them if they know anyone who owns an F-150. Now remember, the F-150 has been, for the past eighteen years or so, the number-one-selling vehicle in America.  Of course, it doesn't sell so well in Chevy Chase and Cleveland Park, and most people around me couldn't pick an F-150 out of a line-up.

But: Things are changing. Remember, of course, that West Virginia is in the McCain camp; it's where Hillary crushed Obama, and a place whose white residents sometimes have a difficult time acknowledging Obama's Christianity, among other things. So this was quite a revolutionary find, two F-150s in the same parking lot.

I realize that this doesn't qualify as a scientific survey, but I thought I'd pass it on anyway.

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