Here's an Idea: How About a Palin Press Conference?

I'm with Andrew on this one, particularly after watching the debate, in which Gwen Ifill, for whatever reason, chose against toughness. Palin seemed to have a head stuffed with answers, though not answers to the questions being asked. I understand the strategy here -- she argues that the MSM is irrelevant and evil in order to avoid press conferences. It's a ridiculous argument, of course; the McCain campaign's actual, internal argument against press conferences is simple: the candidate might melt under the pressure of rapid-fire questioning from people who won't back down (I'll be in the last row, preemptively yelling "Answer the question!" I'm pro-preemption, as you know).  The only thing Palin proved is that she has a gift for memorization, and for reading note cards. Biden, on the other hand, seemed like an authentic leader. When he chooses not to blow hard, he's quite the senator.