From the mail:

After a non flying hiatus of 6 years, I took the plunge again in 2004.  Since that time I have flown quite frequently.  I am always detained either for a "random" alarm I trigger or for my baggage.  Whereas I am stopped every time, the term "random" does not really apply to me.  After reading your article in the current Atlantic, I now understand the profile I fit.  I am a middle aged (59) white woman, with moderate arthritis, usually traveling alone to visit my family or attend a conference.  I carry a small bag and tote bag filled with all the personal things a middle aged woman need for 2 or 3 days.  I am stopped and searched because my profile is least threatening.  I am not going to run away. I surely possess nothing other than hair gel and nail clippers (which have been confiscated) that are threatening.  I am the perfect passenger to stop to ensure the safety of the TSA employees.  I have even met the drug sniffing dogs, who knew I was not a threat, because I carry the scent of my own dogs. So, if you want to meet all the interesting airport people I have come to know, maybe you should travel with me.

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