Not this Goldberg, however. I've gotten a couple of e-mails in recent days asking me for advice about mortgages and bankruptcy law, and it took a little while before I realized that they were meant to be directed to Jeffrey Goldberg, an attorney in Albuquerque. Perhaps, though, they were meant to be sent to Chicago lawyer Jeffrey Goldberg, though he practices mainly personal injury law. In New York, I would recommend as an attorney Jeffrey Goldberg. In San Antonio, please call Jeffrey Goldberg. He also services Corpus Christi, Laredo and Brownsville. If you need a trial lawyer in Los Angeles, might I suggest Jeffrey Goldberg?

By the way, this Jeffrey Goldberg: Definitely not me.

Jeffrey Goldbergs can also take care of your medical needs. If you happen to be in Suwanee, Georgia and need your thyroid removed, call Jeffrey Goldberg. If you're looking for an oral surgeon in or about Syosset, Long Island, try Jeffrey Goldberg. If your oral surgery has caused you to be depressed, Jeffrey Goldberg, Long Island psychiatrist, might be able to help. In Cleveland and giving birth? Give Jeffrey Goldberg a ring. 

I have a strong feeling these are not the only Jeffrey Goldbergs in law and medicine. If you happen to know of any other Jeffrey Goldbergs, particularly anyone in a non-Jewish field (say, gastroenterology, or the violin) please send them my way. And on behalf of Jeffrey Goldbergs everywhere, Happy New Year.

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