Tim LaHaye on the Chosen People

One addendum to my previous post on the identity of the antichrist. Tim LaHaye, the man who brought us the "Left Behind" series, and who thus sparked much of the current interest in the antichrist's imminent appearance, countered Jerry Falwell's claim that the antichrist will be Jewish by asserting that he will, in fact, be Rumanian. Which doesn't mean that LaHaye doesn't have special thoughts about the Jews. Here's what he told me several years ago:

"Some of the greatest evil in the history of the world was concocted in the Jewish mind. Sigmund Freud, Marx, these were Jewish minds that were infected with atheism. The Jewish brain also has the capacity for great good. God gave the Jews great intelligence. He didn't give them great size or physical power--you don't see too many Jews in the NFL--but he gave them great minds."