Amusing anti-Semitic Nutjob Letter of the Day

This one in reference to my story on brain research. I'm withholding the name of my correspondent because I feel like it:

Why is it that I have to endure hearing about a person's frickin'
Jewism every time I hear a story from a Jew,be it on TV or in
print? Is it an inferiority complex? class envy? cronyism? a
Holocaust pity party? I mean, when was the last time you heard a
Catholic or a German or any other person integrate their religion
and/or nationality with their telling of a story? I can't think of
a last time.

Now, Jeffrey,I know you've been indoctrinated to write me off, and
any other person who scrutinizes your Jewism,as being anti-Semitic
but,if you did, that would be wrong. If you did, I would have to
conclude that the problem is more of your ethnocentrism than my

And,if you ever come to Denver,you're apt to see me on the street
corners with my large sign telling passers-by that we need to get
American money the hell out of Israel and let the Marxist Jews go
it alone before their liberalism causes another world war.I get an
ever-increasing number of thumbs-up.