Shirt-blogging from Aspen

Yes, I know I promised, to those of you who care, to weigh in on the what’s-up-with-Joe-Klein-talking-about-the-Jews-that-way debate, and I will, as soon as I overcome my paralysis on the issue, but for now, I want to note that I’m at the Aspen Ideas Festival all week, along with a bunch of other Atlantic wackadoos, and a whole mess of other idea peddlers, including my dear friend Sandra Day O’Connor, who I haven’t actually technically ever met, though I'm sure she would love to hear my ideas if she did know me.

In any case, my capo di tutti capi, David Bradley, is speaking at this very moment, so I should listen, because, after all, a recent brain-scan has shown that I empathize with him quite a bit, but I just have to say that my attention is being diverted by a shirt worn by our publisher, Jay Lauf, who is sitting directly in front of me. I will try to get a picture of the shirt if I could figure out the camera in this laptop, but it’s a checkered, Caribbean-blue number with ornate designs inside the collar, and it’s a great-looking shirt, and it might very well epitomize the style known as “Aspen Casual” (though it might actually be too nice for Aspen) which I’ll never master. I've decided that I need better shirts generally, and this just brings it into sharp relief. Anyway, if I can get a picture of it, I’ll post it.