Hezbollah and its Apologists

Hezbollah has been doing a bang-up job this week undermining Lebanon's future on behalf of its sponsors, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and Syrian intelligence. It is simultaneously doing effective work undermining its apologists in the West. We've heard the arguments over and over again: Hezbollah is social service agency; Hezbollah wants to join the Lebanese political process; Hezbollah is not in fact dominated by murderous Jew-haters. And so on.

It's been a tough year already for Hezbollah's apologists; the assassination of Imad Mugniyah, the terrorist many of Hezbollah's friends denied existed until Hezbollah gave him what amounted to a state funeral, hurt the cause of those on the left, in particular, who wanted to whitewash Hezbollah's violent, anti-democratic program. Michael Young, the Lebanese commentator, wrote about Hezbollah's patsies here.