Here's a most excellent response to my request for a couple of paragraphs describing what a Philip Roth-influenced Obama White House would look like. The genius author has requested anonymity, but may still win the liver:

"An Obama presidency," said Murray to me then, shaking that maned head, that maned Newark head that had seen him through the riots, the fires, the lobotomizing of a city's heart, a head that now embraced within its unusually wide span the trochaic hopes of a Kenyan-Kansan who might, but just might, if all went well and he nailed that Chappaqua succubus to the ground, he was thinking then, get that heart back again. "What a thing that would be, kiddo, what a thing to see a black kid come up that way, a black kid I tell you, a black kid in that Oval Office, a black kid, 'cause you know as well as I do it's only a black kid can make us proud again, take us back to making things again, put our people in the factories again, make us proud just to craft a pair of goddamn gloves again and don't tell me he won't do it, kiddo, you know as well as I do he will, because he can, yes he can, and he will, he will," Murray swore. That was 2008, May I think it was, the last time I saw Murray alive, a year to the day before he came coffined back to Dover, shamed in life and death, with the blood of eleven Iraqi schoolchildren on his hands.

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