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A Little Too Close to God
The Thrills and Panic of a Life in Israel.
By David Horovitz.
311 pp. New York:
Alfred A Knopf. $26.

When I first picked up David Horovitz's "A Little Too Close to God," my first thought was, "Dayenu" (loose translation for those reading the English-only Haggadah: "Enough already"). It is a well-known fact that the People of the Book are in reality the People of the Book Proposal, and so the world has been overly blessed by books that make the following two observations: (1) Israel is filled with Jews! And (2) They're all nuts!

But despite the title, Horovitz gives us an entertaining (if occasionally exasperating and disorganized) memoir of his life as an English immigrant in Israel. What makes "A Little Too Close to God" particularly interesting, however, is the jeremiad embedded in the narrative.
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