Kings (and Queens) of Denial

The current state of denial in Jerusalem, New York and Washington:

BENJAMIN NETANYAHU: The denier's denier, refusing to recognize that handing over Hebron, which betrayed his father's vision of a Greater Israel, left him looking like a man without principles who might as well just give Yasser Arafat the rest of what he wants.

THE LIKUD PARTY: Israel's ruling party has not yet realized that, with the Netanyahu era over, Yitzhak Mordechai should be anointed the new Likud leader. Mr. Mordechai, who, with David Levy and Avigdor Kahalani, leads Israel's sensible Sephardi center, is the best hope for actual progress in the peace process, and his accession would block the rise of Ehud Olmert, Irving Moscowitz's real estate partner and an all-around mamzer, which he would take as a compliment.
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