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Archival excerpts:

The Ostrich (June 1918)
by Theodore Roosevelt
In one of the more unusual articles to have appeared in The Atlantic, the former president, who had traveled widely in Africa, weighed in on the behavior of ostriches.

The Ethics of Animal Experimentation (September 1926)
by John Dewey
In 1926, the philosopher and educator John Dewey took a stand on behalf of scientific research.

Death of a Pig (January 1948)
by E. B. White
In 1948, the essayist and author E. B. White offered a sad account of an episode at his farm. Several years later, he went on to rework the story as the children's novel Charlotte's Web.

The Truth About Dogs (July 1999)
by Stephen Budiansky
Atlantic correspondent Stephen Budiansky unearthed some dismaying facts about man’s best friend.

Oliver's Travels (October 2003)
by James Shreeve
James Shreeve told the extraordinary story of a chimpanzee named Oliver, whose upright bearing and fondness for human companionship briefly earned him celebrity status as a possible missing link between apes and humans.