Radio Atlantic: Introducing Crazy/Genius Season 3

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Privacy is now the most important idea on the internet—so what exactly is it? And if we care about our privacy, why aren’t we willing to pay to keep it?

This week’s Radio Atlantic is a preview of the new season of Crazy/Genius, The Atlantic’s podcast about technology and culture. The staff writer Derek Thompson joins Isaac Dovere to discuss Season 3, which kicks off with an episode about privacy.

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Listen for:

  • The history of privacy—how an explosion in communications technologies in the late 19th century suddenly brought people into our personal space

  • Why the reporter Julia Angwin thinks the best way to describe the problem isn’t privacy, but data pollution

  • What the costs (and solutions) are for our current system, according to Shoshana Zuboff, the author of The Age of Surveillance Capitalism