Listen: Catching Up

Dr. James Hamblin helps a colleague make the essential pandemic-era shopping list.

Social Distance is The Atlantic’s new podcast about living through a pandemic. Each episode tackles a question about the coronavirus and our response—from the big societal questions to practical advice for individuals.

The show began when Katherine Wells (the executive producer for Atlantic podcasts) needed to know what to do in this crisis. She turned to her friend and colleague Dr. James Hamblin, an Atlantic staff writer, to sort through all the medical information: What do I need to buy right now? What do these test numbers actually mean? How do I stop touching my face?

In the first episode, Hamblin helps Wells prepare a pandemic-era shopping list. Listen here:

Throughout the series, the pair will talk with families coping with the coronavirus and doctors at the forefront of the response. But of course, the pandemic isn’t just a medical crisis. Wells and Hamblin talk with experts inside and outside the Atlantic newsroom about what the coronavirus means for every part of society.

Each daily(-ish) episode asks straightforward questions about this confusing situation, and approaches them in a calm, casual conversation (or at least as calm as one can have these days).

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