What 200 Calories of Every Christmas Food Looks Like

Brought to you by Krampus

We at The Atlantic Health are officially opposed to holiday-calorie austerity. It's one day a year! Okay, maybe two, if you count Thanksgiving. Or okay, maybe eight nights, if you're Jewish. What we're saying is: It's a relatively small percentage of the year spent intentionally stuffing yourself with animal fats and sugar in all its jellied, mulled, and cane forms. You're going to join a gym in January anyway. (Though you'll probably quit a few months later.)

Still, there's only so much one can eat before the Carb Sleep sets in. With that in mind, the folks at Calorific have created images showing how much of many popular holiday foods you can ingest before you hit 200 calories. (You may remember Calorific as the app that shows what 200 calories of every food looks like.) They've since updated the app with an assortment of Christmas delights, because they are the Grinch.

Let's hit the beverages first, since that's what's going to happen at the Christmas party anyway:

For those of us not from the Continent, 142 milliliters is less than 5 ounces, which is less than a Hi-C juice box. You'd better not pout!

Okay, on to the meat course:

Add some sides:

And finally, the desserts:

This calls for the saddest/best Christmas song ever:

Dolly's right. It's gonna be a hard-candy Christmas.