Do You Know the Basics of Health Insurance?

A vocabulary quiz

The White House has estimated that around 9.9 million Americans will purchase a plan for 2015 under the Affordable Care Act exchanges, meaning that when the next open enrollment period on begins this Saturday, people across the country will roll up their metaphorical pant legs and wade into the murky puddle of jargon that is health insurance.

As we noted yesterday, a recent survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation found that many people still don't have a good command of basic insurance terms like "premium" and "deductible," a lack of understanding that's particularly pronounced among the uninsured.

Test your own health-insurance knowledge below: Do you know the meaning of each of these concepts?

Regardless of how you scored, this U.S. News glossary is a great, easy-to-understand resource—or, if you prefer your vocabulary lessons with a side of cartoons, so is this video.