'Our Eyes Have Adjusted,' as Seen From Taiwan

Seeing ourselves as others see us, chapter 12,372.

Here's a break from political news -- or, at least a shift from the horse race to longer-term public challenges. This past summer I did several items, including this and this, on how America's "eyes have adjusted" to stop noticing how heavy we have become. A generation ago, Jackie Gleason and Raymond Burr were famous as fatsos. Now people built like them wouldn't draw a second glance.

This week the team at Next Media Animation in Taiwan reveals that they've made a similar adjustment, changing their motion-capture models so as to more realistically represent the American physique. The video below isn't exactly subtle, but it is worth a look if you're not familiar with current rest-of-the-world images of our country.

To skip ahead to the conclusion, you see below the new avatars NMA has developed for their U.S. characters. They are introduced at the end of the video as the new Mr. and Mrs. America. But why not take two minutes to see the buildup of how NMA created them.