Trending: Rye IPAs

I mentioned several months ago my pleasant surprise at discovering Sierra Nevada's Ruthless Rye IPA at the local Kwik-E-Mart. That was a seasonal offering, whose season tragically appears to have passed.

And so I give you, also from the corner convenience store: Harpoon Rye IPA! Shown ready for action in an office setting.

Thumbnail image for HarpoonRyeA.jpg

Haven't exhaustively taste-tested it yet in comparison with Ruthless Rye, but will set about that soon.

In related news, I was saddened on last week's visit to Shanghai to see no trace of the longtime local staple REEB in the Shanghai corner stores. (REEB motto: "Not only do we have a jokey name, but also our beer is less horrible than Chinese-brewed Suntory." The latter is the only beer I have ever spat out -- and I've had my share of formaldehyde-laced beers in various Asian haunts.) But on the next trip I will look for the REEB Tavern.