Vital Signs: Worldwide Drug Use; a 200-lb Tumor; Permanent Erection

The latest facts and figures from the all of the most influential medical journals; newspapers; and health, fitness, and wellness websites.

  • 76,000 -- The number of men followed for more than 10 years for a study with recently-released results that argue PSA tests, or the standard, annual prostate cancer screening, doesn't save lives. Source: "Study: Annual Prostate Cancer Test Doesn't Save Lives," CNN.
  • 8 -- The amount of Cabernet Sauvignon, in ounces, consumed nightly by women for a recent study conducted by a team from Cedars-Sinai's Heart Institute and Medical Center that suggests red wine consumption could help to prevent breast cancer. Source: "Red Wine Prevents Breast Cancer? I'll Drink to That!" The Los Angeles Times.
  • 20 -- The number of hours that the most successful intervention program in a survey of dozens reduced screen time for kids in a single week. The program required kids to ride a stationary bicycle if they wanted their television to turn on. Source: "You Can Get Kids to Cut Down on Screen Time -- But What Works Best?" The Los Angeles Times.
  • 7 -- The number of "motility parameters" on which men with deeper voices scored lower than those with higher voices in a recent study, meaning that their sperm is less likely to get the job done. So while women tend to be attracted to men with deeper voices -- a quality often associated with a taller and more masculine man -- they might want to think twice. Source: "Study: Lower Voice May Mean Lower Sperm Quality," CBS.
  • 2.5 -- The average number of hours on sleep education that medical students receive while in school, according to a new study published in Sleep Medicine. More than a quarter of respondents reporter receiving no training in sleep at all. Source: "Physicians Need to Wake Up to the Importance of a Good Night's Sleep,"
  • 45 -- The age at which cognitive decline may start, according to a study released this past week. The study, published in the British Medical Journal, focused on a series of cognitive tests, which showed significant decline in memory and reasoning, but not vocabulary. Source: "Worried About Mental Decline at 45? Don't Freak Out, but Be Vigilant," The Los Angeles Times.
  • 198 -- The weight, in pounds, of a tumor removed from the right leg of a Vietnamese man last week. Nguyen Duy Hai, 32, had the tumor, which has been growing since he was just four years old, removed over the course of a 12-hour operation led by Dr. McKay McKinnon, a plastic surgeon from St. Joseph's Hospital in Chicago. Source: "Vietnamese Man Has Massive 200-lb Tumor Removed From Leg," CBS.
  • 20 -- The percentage by which profits could fall over the course of 2012 for Lilly, the company said. It expects administrative costs will be higher than analysts had originally estimated and that the antipsychotic drug Zyprexa will see falling sales numbers. Source: "A.M. Vitals: Lilly Sees a Profit Drop of Up to 20% in 2012," The Wall Street Journal.
  • 200,000,000 -- The number of people around the world who use illegal drugs every year, according to a report released this past Thursday. Source: "200 Million People Use Illegal Drugs; What Is the Toll on Health?" The Los Angeles Times.
  • 82,000,000 -- The gross revenue made in just the fourth quarter of 2011 by Provenge, a prostate-cancer therapy. That figure is up 25 percent from the previous quarter, and far higher than analysts had expected. Source: "A.M. Vitals: Lilly Sees a Profit Drop of Up to 20% in 2012," The Wall Street Journal.
  • 50,000,000 -- The minimum number of adults in the United States who are living with herpes, according to WebMD. While condoms reduce the risk of transmission, the disease can still spread even when protection is used. Source: "Experimental Herpes Vaccine Disappoints in Study." CBS.
  • 1,600,000 -- The approximate number of adults in the United States who are newly infected with herpes every year, according to WebMD. Infected partners who don't show symptoms, such as lesions, can still spread the virus. Source: "Experimental Herpes Vaccine Disappoints in Study." CBS.
  • 474 -- The number of times, every year, that women lie to themselves and others about their diet, according to a recent survey of 3,000 women in Britain. Popular lies include "I only treat myself once in a while" and "It was only a small portion." Source: "Women Lie About Diet 474 Times a Year," Newser.
  • 21 -- The age of an Iranian man who was left with a permanent erection after having his girlfriend's last name tattooed on his penis, according to a report in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Doctors suspect that the traditional needle used in the tattooing process damaged blood vessels. Source: "Dude Plagued With Permanent Boner From Penis Tattoo," Jezebel.