Welcome to The Atlantic's Life Channel

>Today marks the launch of a new channel at TheAtlantic.com, featuring coverage of health, design, food, travel, and green (sustainability). What we can now call the Food channel's old guard, from Corby Kummer and Clay Risen to Barry Estabrook and Marion Nestle, will remain. Joining them will be Correspondents such as Ford Vox, Adam Werbach, and Steve Heller, along with a whole lot of other experts: smart-growth guru Kaid Benfield, interestingness curator Maria Popova, and travel blogger Gary Arndt, to name just a few. This might be the only place on the Web where, in the course of a single day, you could find writing from a butcher, a yogi, an architect, a green tech expert, and a renowned travel writer.

We'll have a number of recurring features, too. Among them:

  • 9 ½ Questions. Leading figures from our five main areas of interest join us for a daily Q&A. Today: designer Emily Pilloton.
  • Time Travel. These posts will look back through the past 153 years to share the most interesting destinations that have ever appeared in The Atlantic. Our first stop is Ciudad Juárez, 1992.
  • Ask Corby. Your chance to get food advice straight from one of the best food writers in America, in the frank, energetic voice that until now has been enjoyed mostly in personal emails (or by people 50 feet away—among Corby's many gifts is that he is often heard before he is seen). Email askcorby@gmail.com, and bring on the questions.
  • The Stuff of Life. Our expert recommendations about intriguing new books, cheap design solutions you can find on Amazon, the best items for stocking your kitchen, and the other objects people surround themselves with every day.
  • There's a New Study... Can eating this vegetable every day really extend your life? Does that finding about monkeys really have profound implications for human health? Is this research important? Useful? Not totally bogus? When a new study comes out, we'll let you know what it says, and what the experts have to say about it.
  • 7 Wonders of the World. In partnership with Atlas Obscura, a weekly guide to global curiosities: eerie landscapes, collections ranging from the Lunch Box Museum to the Icelandic Phallological Museum, America's Stonehenge, and more.

And there'll be plenty more over the months to come—both new contributors and new features.

Please share your ideas and feedback by emailing me at theatlanticlife@gmail.com. Join Steve Heller and learn about the small-but-mighty terrier of the sports world, Ping-Pong, or follow Jessica Wapner as she explains how a new kind of drug trial could lead to the next big cancer treatment. Read about smart growth, northern Mexico, or olive oil. Here's to Life—and welcome to it.